Pop Culture Photos We'll Never Forget

Every now and again a photo makes it's way into the popular conciousness, parks, puts the emergency brake on, and stays there for the rest…
39 new pics
CaitlinandAmy Jun 19, 2014

BACK OFF OUR MAN: Sienna Miller Seduces Harry Styles At London Fashion Week

Let us start off by talking about how dangerously gorgeous Harry Styles looked at the Burberry show during London Fashion week the other day. He's…
10 new pics
CaitlinandAmy Sep 17, 2013

Still Can't Be Tamed: New Miley Promo Pictures

One thing you gotta give to Miley is that she keeps us looking time and time again. If you have recovered enough from Sunday's insane…
7 new pics
CaitlinandAmy Aug 29, 2013

POLL: Who's '90s Double Buns Are Your Favez?

Forget about baby North West. It's Kylie Jenner's '90s double buns that we're all excited about. With every passing day we are taking more and…

New Study: Leonardo DiCaprio's Go-To Womanizing Moves

Everytime you turn around Leonardo DiCaprio is surrounded by a new group of gorgeous ladies. We're actually pretty sure that he shops for his girlfriends…
11 new pics
CaitlinandAmy Aug 07, 2013

Monday Smiles: Cutest Bulldog Ever, Jimmy Fallon + Robin Thicke, And More!

Sometimes you need things to help you get through the week. Things like chocolate, Real Housewives, and bulldogs riding a rocking horse. IMPORTANT THINGS. Watch…

Nicole Richie Is Looking Better Than Ever On Her Italian Vacay

Nicole Richie has come a long way since her saasaasaa days on The Simple Life. Getting her act together has only made us want to…
14 new pics
CaitlinandAmy Jul 25, 2013

23 Celebrity Spawn That Will Be Cooler Than Everyone

Step aside Zoe Kravitz there is a new gang of celeb-spawns turned stars out to take your place. Similar to what Mufasa once told a…
23 new pics
CaitlinandAmy Jul 16, 2013

Negative T-Shirts Sure To Make People Love You!

They say that we carry around energy with us, and that energy affects those around us. Why not wear a big bold printed W A…
49 new pics
CaitlinandAmy May 20, 2013

BETRAYAL: Robert Downey Jr. Has Been Wearing Wedges This Whole Time?!

Whoa whoa whoa, stop right there, stop the train. We always knew that our beloved Robert Downey Jr. was a bit on the vertically challenged…
28 new pics
CaitlinandAmy Apr 25, 2013
CaitlinandAmy Apr 23, 2013
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